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Pastor Steve and his wife Bonnie have been a part of Faith Chapel for over fourteen years.  They have two precious children, Stephen & Lacey Jo.













As a small boy in the hills of southwest Virginia, Rev. Steve Warren began establishing his roots in the ministry.  At the age of five he was playing drums and singing with his family.  As a young man of 13, God called Steve to walk in the ministry in which he had been ordained for.  Although the work of God was not new to him, it was not until he was 16 that God placed upon him the anointing in which he walks in today.


From a storefront building, to an old funeral home, he began the road of a pastor.  God placed in Brother Steve a pastor’s heart.  He has been a pastor for nineteen years, from the mountains of West Virginia & Virginia, and now Tennessee.  Although he is a pastor, his first love is being an evangelist, for that is where his ministry began.  Pastor Steve has a heart for people, whether it is in a pulpit as a pastor or as an evangelist. 


In 1993 Pastor Steve reached out from his own pulpit and began a television ministry in the hills of West Virginia.  Realizing there were hurting people in homes everywhere he began “Miracles by Faith” television program which aired weekly, taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who in no other way could receive it.


God has given him a message of victory to share with a world that has no hope.  Brother Steve has taken this message behind the iron bars of prison and into jail cells as well as churches across America.  God has placed special gifts and talents in Brother Warren’s life that has allowed him to touch people’s hearts in a unique way.

Throughout his ministry, God has allowed Brother Steve to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit according to 1 Corinthians chapter 12.  He has seen the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the captive set free through the power of God.  Brother Warren stands firmly upon the Word of God, which he preaches and lives accordingly, under the direction of the Spirit of God.


Not only does Steve preach the gospel under a powerful anointing, God has also placed that same anointing on his singing.  He has seen God use the anointing of a song to mend the broken hearted and to set the captive free.  Whether he is preaching or singing, Brother Steve feels that he can do neither without the anointing.

Pastor Steve was given the honor in June of 2004 to be nominated and chosen by gospel music fans all over America as Favorite Male Vocalist at the Music City Gospel Showcase and Convention, which is held annually in Pigeon Forge, TN. And over the past several years God has blessed Pastor Steve by placing many chart-topping singles in his hands.  Steve is very thankful to God and humbled that he would be chosen by God to reach the unreachable not only through preaching the Word of God, but through the words of a song.  To learn more about Pastor Steve’s music ministries, visit his website at Steve Warren Ministries.


Pastor Steve Warren has a heart for ministry, whether it is in preaching the Word of God, singing, or in the various other gifts and talents God has placed in his life.